Pet Grooming

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Dog grooming nowadays seems like one of the hardest thing to do. The pandemic has locked down not only us but our furry loved ones too. You can’t usually go to a dog or cat groomer due to some restrictions. There are do’s and dont’s in pet grooming at home and PETA ( listed some and we share them here.


  • groom regularly
  • be patient
  • choose a safe,well-lit place for grooming
  • use appropriate dog-grooming equipment
  • be mindful that long-haired or double-coated breeds require extensive maintenance
  • know your limits


  • don’t rush
  • don’t restrain Fido by gripping his fur
  • don’t use scented shampoo
  • don’t bathe your dog too often
  • don’t overwhelm your dog by trying too much at once
  • don’t cut nails too short
  • don’t use nail clippers with a guard
  • don’t neglect your grooming tools
  • don’t give up

From a quick biweekly cleanup to a full-on, much-needed haircut, become your pet’s own barber with our dynamic grooming buzzer. Our high-grade Pet Grooming Tool puts you in charge of taking your beloved dog from the comfort of home.

Built-in for a high performance that’s comforting

A fixed stainless-steel blade and ceramic moving blade ensure sharp, accurate cuts while a tuning knob allows you to adjust to five lengths for easier grooming. Four attachment guides help you fine-tune your trim. And a low-vibration, quiet motor helps ease dog anxiety when it’s time for a cut.

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Convenient charging for ultra convenience

Our buzzer is powered by a built-in 3.7V 2200mAh lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable anytime, anywhere — thanks to the convenience of USB. One charging cord is included in your purchase so you can charge your device from a wall outlet to a portable power bank.


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Powered for 2 hours of cutting time

A full charge on our trimmer delivers 120 minutes of usage time for the ultimate peace of mind. No buzzer dying on you mid-cut for your little four-legged friend. Click HERE now and receive a discount.

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