How to Feel Like “Royalty”?

There are many ways to look and feel like a Princess.

One way is to emulate the likes of Kate Middleton or the late Princess Diana as wikiHow suggests. When you dress, it should be associated with elegance. As to your appearance, of course it has to look classy by wearing natural make up. Using of accessories in an unusual manner is a great way to get in a bit of individuality but not going overboard.

Our Crystal Bee Charm would definitely create that look of a royalty in you! Make a statement not known to many with a one-of-a-kind charm that works great on a bracelet or necklace.

Made from 925-sterling silver and oxidized silver, get a sturdy pendant that is adorned by crystal and amber cubic zirconia. While not real diamond, the crystal-make gives off a very similar look and feel. Our silver used is safe and durable, resisting scratches and damage. Our bee is sized 0.75 x 0.47 in (1.9 x 1.2 cm) for a small yet eye-catching piece of jewelry.

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If you want to look like a Princess, a gorgeous hair is a plus. But, how can you do it with ethnic, thick and curly hair that’s full of tangles?

Enter the solution you’ve been praying for: our Magic Detangling Brush, specifically designed for ethnic hair that doesn’t do well with just any ordinary brush.

Magic Detangling Brush (Price: 29.99 USD)

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